Davidsonville Ruritan Foundation 

Posted on September 6, 2016 by Anne Arundel County Public Schools Communications Office
The Davidsonville Ruritan Club is known for its decades of service to the community. The impact of its latest initiative will be felt for generations.
        Hundreds of parents who attended Davidsonville Elementary School’s Back To School event tonight learned at the outset that the Ruritan Club is donating $50,000 to the school to be used for technology purchases.

        “During the past year the Davidsonville Ruritan Foundation Inc. has provided 22 organizations with financial support in Davidsonville and the surrounding communities,” said Bob Bold, president of both the club and the foundation. “We also continue to supply athletic fields free of charge for use by the Davidsonville Athletic Association. Although we no longer have a building, we are committed to the well-being of needy organizations lacking financial support.”
        The Davidsonville Ruritan Club was established in 1955 primarily by local farmers. From the outset its efforts have been aimed at raising the quality of life in the community. The club recently sold a building it had owned, and is using proceeds from that sale for its donation to the school.
        “This community as a whole is just unbelievable in the generosity it shows, particularly to our schools,” Davidsonville Elementary School Principal Jean Marie Hofstetter said. “This gift from the Ruritan Foundation will not just enhance the education of the students currently in our classrooms, but of students who haven’t even arrived at our school yet. We could not be more grateful.”
        At the request of the club, the school will use the fund to purchase Smartboard projectors for classrooms.